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Continuous improvement

Panalpina’s process and quality rules are continuously monitored, inspected, and – whenever and wherever necessary – improved. Our integrated management system assures the steady advancement of the quality of all our services. Furthermore we proactively and incessantly develop new service standards. Additionally we integrate the newest industry standards firmly into all our services. All members of our workforce and all our partners on every level are responsible to achieve our quality standards on an everyday basis.


Internal Audits

Comprehensive reviews are part of our core business. Our internal audit functions independently and systematically review our management system and all aspects of QHSE and document their work meticulously. They compare all the instructions defined in our integrated management system to the processes as they are performed in the day-to-day business of Panalpina and all our associated organizations.


Corrective Actions

Nonconformities and other problematic occurrences usually come to light during internal audits or through customer complaints. Panalpina established a relentless process for corrective action. The following steps characterize this process:


  • Analysis of the problem’s root cause
  • Definition and execution of appropriate measures to stop the recurrence of the problem
  • Ensuring that our corrective action was effective
  • Share lessons learned throughout the company


Panalpina has also implemented the Logistics Excellence Program (LogEx) as an essential part of the corporate philosophy and strategy for quality performance. LogEx is an internal corporate continuous improvement program that increases productivity and reduces errors and reaction times for corrective actions. Ultimately this system can be a decisive advantage as it impacts competitiveness and productivity and in the long-term, the value of the company.