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Quality standards

Integrated management system

The integrated management system is the foundation for Panalpina’s certification according to ISO 9001 standards. Our integrated management system ensures the steady advancement of the quality of all our services. Furthermore we proactively and continuously develop new service standards.


This system also stands as a vital tool for basic and advanced employee trainings. Our internal auditing team continuously screens the overall impact of our standards and ensures compliance on each site level. Our worldwide quality management organization supervises local quality improvement programs to enhance operational excellence in all countries. We also conduct special training programs for the involved employees to strengthen our quality, our awareness and the fulfillment of our services.


Our QHSE policy

Panalpina is committed to an incident-free workplace, every day, everywhere. Our performance depends on our ability to continuously improve the quality of the services we provide to our customers, while protecting people and minimizing the impact on the environment. Our Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Policy outlines the measures we take to ensure this.


Constantly monitoring and analyzing our performance figures

Panalpina’s process and quality rules are continuously monitored, inspected, and – whenever and wherever necessary – improved. Panalpina’s operational KPIs are collected and analyzed each month, and provided to our customers for their review and audit upon request. All performance indicators are collated and measured against the process measurements for each object in every contract. All contingent gaps between the assessed and the actual performance figures are analyzed. The insights we win in this process are used as a foundation to improve the situation for all parties involved.


Good Distribution Practice

Good Distribution Practice (GDP) ensures that the quality of the pharmaceutical product Panalpina transports is maintained throughout the storage and distribution network and consequently protects the health of the patient. This rigorous set of standards requires extensive training for personnel involved in the handling of shipments containing pharmaceutical materials. In 2015, Panalpina continued its commitment to GDP compliance and signed an agreement with Concept Heidelberg Institute to develop an e-learning training on the subject. This module provides training to personnel involved in GDP operations worldwide, and during the year more than 1,500 Panalpina employees were properly trained and certified using this module.