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Eco-consumption is a portfolio of waste reduction, alternative resource and further environmental initiatives promoting an efficient and environmentally responsible performance at Panalpina.

Panalpina conducts various environmental initiatives to manage the purchase, consumption, reuse and recycling of office and packaging material as well as other resources such as electricity, water, fuel and gas. Over 14,500 employees have been trained on our environmental program.

Case study - Green buildings in Germany

The Panalpina offices in Stuttgart, Nuremberg and Munich were conceived and built as environmental-friendly and antipollution logistic facilities. The use of electricity is minimized by a significant reduction of the use of light, heating and air conditioning. Automatic light systems, geothermal energy and a massive reduction of office machines make this possible. The water consumption is reduced by means of infiltration ditches, which allows water to be stored in the local water table. Paper reduction, environment-friendly purchasing strategies and the use of hydroponic plants, which need less water, are further elements that help to reduce emission.

Case study - Paperless transactions

In October 2015, Panalpina became the first global air freight forwarder to handle over half of its transactions using electronic air waybills (e-AWB). The International  Air Transport Association  has set ambitious goals for the use of e-AWB and tracks their usage throughout the airline industry. Panalpina works closely with business partners and stations to increase coverage and extend the range of eligible flights for paperless processing.