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Emergency readiness

The aim of our emergency readiness program is to minimize injuries, casualties and material losses should an incident occur. We ensure a fast and appropriate response to any kind of emergency situation. All our employees and the employees of our subcontractors are trained and conduct emergencydrills frequently.

Emergency Response Program

Emergency response installations and equipment are installed and well maintained in all our workplaces. Our emergency readiness program is further supplemented by Panalpina’s regulations about dangerous goods handling and by the business continuity plan.


Every site globally assesses their potential emergencies, provides written instructions, carries out training and tests the emergency instructions.


Business continuity

Should any extended service outages arise, our business continuity plan (BCP) will enable Panalpina to restore its services to the widest extent as soon as possible. To minimize network failure and to recover quickly, our plan identifies vulnerable zones and circumstances in a proactive manner.