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Training and development

Panalpina continually strives to develop management systems and processes in the areas of talent management, learning and development, performance management, compensation and benefits and operational excellence. The approach to human resource management focuses on fostering a high-performance culture centered on the principles of leadership, execution and discipline. Together with the focus on compliance and ethics that are already a foundation of Panalpina’s organizational culture, these efforts provide the ingredients required for a high-performing organization.


Mentoring high-potential employees

Panalpina has launched a global mentoring program to bring talented and high-potential employees together with experienced members of the leadership team. This program has been implemented at the global, regional and country levels.


Performance and talent management

Recognizing top performance is central to engaging and motivating employees. Panalpina’s focus is on creating processes and tools that enable performance differentiation and allows the company to recognize and reward top performers. Panalpina implemented the “High-5” program in the Americas to recognize employees who demonstrate a commitment to Panalpina’s values and show passion for service to the company.



In a highly competitive market such as Panalpina’s, employees need to have skills and knowledge in a wide range of functions and products. Panalpina’s sophisticated e-learning platform allows employees to acquire these skills easily and efficiently.


Employee engagement

For Panalpina to become a truly high performing organization, it is very important to obtain our employees' input. We need to understand how Panalpina employees view the organization and how this compares with other companies around the world. With this understanding we can gauge where Panalpina currently stands in its journey to establishing a high-performance business culture. Employee engagement surveys (EES) are being run globally on an annual basis to measure three main areas: manager effectiveness, employee engagement, and organizational effectiveness.