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Code of Conduct

The Panalpina Group recognizes that its long-term success as a company depends on acting responsibly. Performance, integrity and professionalism are basic values to which Panalpina emphatically subscribes.


Panalpina's strengths include the cultural diversity of its employees and its deeply-rooted presence in the local markets. The Group runs operations in 70 countries, including many in which local customs and conventions can play a significant role, along with the specific expectations of the market players.


The Code of Conduct is based on Panalpina’s values. Together with business specific procedures and local laws and regulations, it acts as a compass and guides our employees in their daily activities.


The Code also addresses the needs of our customers. They must be able to rely on the fact that our services are based on ethical behavior and conform to varying legal requirements across the globe. By complying with our Code of Conduct we are helping them to live up to their own responsibilities.