Why work at Panalpina

You aim to inspire. You're authentic. You believe in empowerment.

This is what you bring to the table if you want to join Panalpina, and this is what we offer:

People above all

We foster diversity and believe in the power of intercultural teams. Everyone can thrive regardless of background, age, gender, race or religion.

We drive an effective leadership culture that brings out the full potential of our employees.

Company culture

Panalpina has a rich history of over 120 years, with its roots in Rhine shipping.

Our company culture is made up of the values we live daily at work, and these are not aspirational; they are real. Our vision, mission and values reflect the Panalpina Spirit.

"Engaged people in the right job, equipped with the right skills for today and tomorrow", this is our philosophy.

Make an impact

Shape the world: You'll be part of exciting projects and get a chance to help those in need.


From 57-ton neutrino hunters to hydraulic presses for ceramics making, from helicopters and helidecks to autoclaves and solar farm management, our specialized services have the scale, breadth and capability to match the demands of any project. There’s nothing we can’t move.


And there’s nothing we don’t. At this moment, you are more than likely wearing, eating or using something that wasn’t produced where you live. We probably had something to do with it too.


Panalpina also supports UNICEF by donating charter flights to deliver much-needed relief goods to the African continent.

Develop your career – with worldwide opportunities

Take our current President and CEO Stefan Karlen, for example. He started as a broker with Panalpina in 1997 and developed his career by taking international assignments and different leadership and management responsibilities ever since, up to the very top of our company.

Shape the future

At Panalpina, we aspire to have communities of well-trained and empowered employees, who have the resources to make decisions and execute. We know that flexibility goes a long way in encouraging creativity and innovation.


Empowerment is taken seriously at Panalpina: You’ll get the tools you need and will be in the company of great people, but it’s up to you to fully own your development and contribution.


You get to shape the company.

A world-leading company

Panalpina provides customized end-to-end services, combining logistics with air and ocean freight; and we do this for diverse customers with unique needs, from all around the world.


With our global headquarters based in Basel, Switzerland, we have been operating since 1935 as an asset-light company.


Today, we have offices in over 70 countries and partners in 100 more. We work with the strongest players out there, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.


We want each of them to feel at ease with us, no matter how big or small, and we want you to feel the same.

Want to work with us?

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